Francescae meae laudes

So after a lot of deliberation, I finally managed to get this translated! First off, here’s the literal translation alongside the original poem:

Novis te cantabo chordis,
O novelletum quod ludis
In solitudine cordis.

Esto sertis implicata,
Ô femina delicata
Per quam solvuntur peccata!

Sicut beneficum Lethe,
Hauriam oscula de te,
Quae imbuta es magnete.

Quum vitiorum tempestas
Turbabat omnes semitas,
Apparuisti, Deitas,

Velut stella salutaris
In naufragiis amaris…
Suspendam cor tuis aris!

Piscina plena virtutis,
Fons æternæ juventutis
Labris vocem redde mutis!

Quod erat spurcum, cremasti;
Quod rudius, exaequasti;
Quod debile, confirmasti.

In fame mea taberna
In nocte mea lucerna,
Recte me semper guberna.

Adde nunc vires viribus,
Dulce balneum suavibus
Unguentatum odoribus!

Meos circa lumbos mica,
O castitatis lorica,
Aqua tincta seraphica;

Patera gemmis corusca,
Panis salsus, mollis esca,
Divinum vinum, Francisca!

I’ll sing for you with new strings,
O young hind which plays
In the solitude of your heart.

Be enfolded in wreaths of flowers,
O delicate woman
Through whom sins are washed away!

Just as from generous Lethe,
I shall drink in kisses from you,
Who are touched with a magnet’s power.

With the tempest of my vices
Disturbing every path,
You appeared, Deity,

Like the saving star
Above bitter shipwrecks!…
I’ll hold up my heart to your altars!

Pool full of virtue,
Fountain of eternal youth,
Give back the voice to my silent lips!

What was sullied, you have burnt;
What was rough, you have levelled;
What was feeble, you have strengthened.

In my hunger, you are my inn,
In the night, you are my lamp,
Lead me always on the straight and narrow path.

Now add strength to men,
Sweet perfumed bath
With sweet scents!

Flash from my loins,
O cuirass of purity,
Wettened with seraphic water,

Plate brilliant with gems,
Salted bread, soft food,
Divine wine, Francisca!

Here’s the awkward part, where I tried to do a macaronic (English and Latin) translation to better fit with the spirit of the poem. Obviously, this is not going to be particularly intelligible to people who don’t read Latin, so that’s why I needed to write in the literal translation. Hopefully this works as a translation…

Novis te cantabo chordis,
O young hind, you ludis
In the solitude mei cordis.

Esto implicata in wreaths of flowers
O femina delicata who empowers
Our peccata soluta in showers!

Just as from beneficum Lethe
I’ll drink in suavia de te
Quae es potens by magnete.

With tempestate vitiorum
Disturbing pacem itinerum
I hoped that apparere Deum

Velut salutaris star
Above amaris shipwrecks far…
Aris mei cordis you are!

Pool virtutis plena,
Of youth you are the fons aeterna,
My vox is returned labris non muta!

What was spurcum, cremasti;
What was rudius, exaequasti;
What was debile, confirmasti.

In fame my taberna es,
In nocte my lamp es,
Me semper lead on tramites.

Adde nunc vires to men,
Dulce balneum when
Odoribus unguenta suavibus then!

Meos flash now from lumbos,
O castitatis cuirass,
With angels’ water nunc tinctos;

Gem-studded plate that shines corusca,
Salted panis, soft esca,
Divinum vinum, Francisca!

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