The Andromeda Galaxy

The Andromeda Galaxy

This was written about, and to a certain extent for someone (you know who you are). If you read this, I was hurt, angry and vulnerable and had to work through a lot of feelings. This was my way of working them out.

I still love you.

I can remember when, not so long ago,
we spun around in each other’s orbit;
your smile was like the sun and my eyes shone like stars.
But you wrote in human tongues and I know in maths
that the universe is expanding
with no end in sight.
Soon for me, sooner than men and women might think
perhaps even our atoms will become rarefied.
Till then, suns and stars burn hot, too hot, too bright
and one day burn themselves out too.
Foolish man, I could not have pulled you from your black hole even if I were stronger;
not even swift light could escape that.
Besides, yours is far from you
as you spin round on your blue and lively planet –
I fly through space alone, what can I do?
Don’t join me. Stay on Earth
where you have all you need and more to keep yourself alive.
I am space: vast and cold.
Light and your mind both pierce me. You know this,
but for all that light shines through me
you know nothing about my dark energy.
Call me beautiful if you will,
strange and interesting
but know that I have white dwarfs for eyes:
they shine bright, but they are burnt to nothing.

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