Missing Nigerian Girls Not Newsworthy


Women holding posters and banners protesting for the return of the missing Nigerian girls

The mainstream news media has certainly been questionable, if not shady, when it comes to which topics they should cover. And in my personal opinion, viewers should demand that certain topics be covered, and many have addressed this issue, especially to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), who was charged to regulate media ownership, but has basically rallied behind big media’s never ending corporate imperialism. The end results are truck loads of tabloid journalism, American centered news, heavily biased programming and reporting, the insurrection of reality/trash TV and dubious choices as to what should get broadcast and what shouldn’t.

One of the stories that’s a little under the radar comes to us from Nigeria. Over 230 girls (though the number has increased among reports) were kidnapped by Islamic terrorists sometime between early to mid April. The girls were high…

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