Got exams? Preliminary advice for Disabled & Chronically Ill students doing exams.


These exam tips aren’t for disabled-students only, although disabled students face huge extra hurdles at this time of year. These are general tips and tricks – they are non-disability specific, so lots will be inadvertently left out. Over time we hope to produce a lot more advice, including suggestions from Disability Support Advisors and other people in the know. We are a forum, though, so there will be someone else who is coping or has coped with similar challenges. You are not alone. It’s really important that you know that.

First up, let us be clear: you are not lazy, and you are not behind. People succeed in very different ways, and revision is only good if it is useful and sticks.

There is no shame in exam accommodations. If they think you need them, then take them. If you think you are entitled to them, then take them. You…

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