Could this be the worst party political broadcast ever?

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the English Democrats!)

This party political broadcast by the English Democrats is so bad I had to check it wasn’t a parody.

But it’s not. It’s for real:

English Democrats – 2014 Party Political Broadcast

Could this be the worst party political broadcast ever?

Or have you seen worse?


Please feel free to comment.


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  1. The Infamous Culex said:

    Their policies do not begin to make sense.

    There is no “mass immigration” and there never would be.

    There is absolutely bugger all chance of Sharia Law being imposed on any part of the UK, or even being permitted.
    The laws that are supposedly “imposed” on the UK by the EU often start out in Whitehall and are then taken to the EU so that France, Germany and the other states in the EU will also have to follow the same laws, rules and regulations.

    As for “English jobs for English people”, just how do those turnips propose to discriminate against the Scots, Welsh or Irish?

    However, it does seem to be quite a good video because, if one does not have any sensible policies to sell – and all they have is a few, silly slogans – all one can do is to “sell the sizzle” as Danish bacon did.

    The best that can be said is that they have a catchy theme song which may disguise the fact that they are full of crap, but even that has one fatal flaw. England is not “the land of Saint George”, as he was a native of Lydda, in Roman Palestine and now, as Lod, in modern Israel. He was thus a “foreigner” to the English “Democrats” and, presumably, would not be allowed into the country. He is also the patron saint of sufferers from herpes and/or syphilis. See


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