These are just sites I think are cool or useful. More will be added as and when I find sites I really like.

Baudelaire Database (English) (French) (Czech, English and French) (English) (French)

The Latin Library (English)

Activités FLE (French, designed for intermediate to advanced speakers of French as an additional language – good resource if, like me, you’ve studied a grammar-heavy language like Latin and are used to learning the ins and outs of the grammar)

ÉduFLE (French as an additional language)

Poetry in Translation – A. S. Kline’s free, high-quality archive of faithful translations of poetry from all around the world, critical works, and original poetry. (Also, annoyingly useful to check if you come up against a difficult passage in a poem.) (any language) – really useful for learning vocabulary (English) – interesting site about ancient history


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