Oh crap, I need to write something about myself?…

…I’m young, I guess. I consider myself an absolute pipsqueak compared to most translators – I was born at an ungodly hour in the morning on the 18th of January 1996.

I guess I had some practice, too, because while I live in England’s not-so-green-or-pleasant land I don’t actually come from here and my parents speak English as an additional language. My extended family is scattered around, too – people in France, Germany, what was then Czechoslovakia, Russia, the Ukraine and even Brazil.

Should you ever meet me in real life, I’m quite shy and I don’t like to brag. I speak English, Latin, French and Hebrew and I’d love to learn more languages if I actually had the time.

I don’t translate professionally, nor do I think I’d have the talent for it – I just do this because I love it. It’s a big part of my life, but it’s not everything; I like to bury myself in books, writing, song, dance, physics, mathematics and especially thinking about things.

I’ll try not to let anything too non-translatey get on here but (shameless self-promotion time)!:

  • I tweet as @AsViewedBy on vaguely current issues – if I haven’t tweeted for a bit, don’t panic, I’m probably in the middle of exams or something
  • I blog at vivatlibertas.blogspot.co.uk about…well, anything really
  • I have a tumblr at physicsshiny.tumblr.com, which is mainly STEM-related but also has a bit of mental health stuff
  1. Yesenia...o_O said:

    Quite admirable!! I love Latin, I can’t speak it, only read it a little. I too enjoy the art if translating. Currently I am trying to learn more Latin and Japanese. I speak three languages: English, Spanish, and Nahuatl…o_O

  2. Do people actually speak Latin? I took Latin in high school in my Cours Classique but never spoke it. It did help me to understand other languages a bit. I speak French fluently but my writing is not very good as my education was all in English. I look forward to reading some of the French poems you have posted…hoping to enrich my vocabulary…poetry in French is so beautiful!

    • Merci beaucoup! Sorry for my tardy reply – went away to Paris for a few days. People do still speak Latin in the Vatican and certainly at university level a lot of live reading of Latin poetry goes on. And thank you – more poems will go up soon! (I’m in the middle of revising for finals at the moment so I might not be around much.)

      • Reminds me of my high school days in notre programme classique…poetry was always read out loud and recited by heart by many in Latin; you truly do have a unique blog.

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